LK Connections  has offered PCB services with the customer in mind. Services include PC board design from concept through schematic capture to PCB layout.
                           We always support you, no matter how large or small your project is.


Our services include:

- Schematic Capture

- PCB Layout Design

- Component Footprint Creation

- Library Development

- Complete assembly drawings

- Database Translation

Design Capabilities

Ranging from simple to complex, we have  experience designing many types of circuit boards.

- Single Sided

- Double Sided

- Multiple Layer Boards

- Micro-BGA, Micro-Vias, HDI, Impedance Control

 - Mixed components - through-hole and surface mount

  We have extensive design experience with:


- EMI protection

- Low-Level Analog, RF, LVDS, GTL+

- DDR2/DDR3,Memory, DVI, Ethernet, USB2/USB3, PCI-e

- Antenna designs

- High current/voltage designs

- Design for manufacturability

- Design for testability

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